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Do you own a cell phone? Yes, we know you do. We also know that you probably get calls and ask yourself whose phone number is this? don’t worry your not alone almost anyone with a cell phone or home phone has asked themselves this very question. In this guide, we will try and provide as much information as possible to search for numbers so you can see who is calling you.

Have you or your significant other ever thought to yourself “who called me?” after receiving a call or a voicemail from someone you don’t know? And how many times do you want to learn more about that person before you call them back or give them any information about you or your family?

Use the services of a reverse phone lookup service.  These services have access to thousands of records, including phone records that are tied back to a person or business. These services provide a more efficient way to search for cell phone numbers.   Unlike a Google search, this method will perform a more in-depth search of phone number data than any other method. 

Right from the start one of the quickest ways to search for a phone number is to put it into Google search.   Because of the volume of robot callers, sales calls, and other telemarkets spamming everyone who has a telephone, most numbers are now in some sort of database that lets someone know a preliminary high-level overview of the possible number calling you. 

If the number is coming from a legitimate business, you should see this come up in the  Google search.  This works well for landline numbers, it’s a different story for cell phone numbers.  Google will not give you much more information than a high-level overview to dig deeper you will have to search in other areas.

If someone’s phone is ringing, most people’s first instinct is to answer the phone call. However, this may not be the best choice as spammers may be able to scam you with a few simple tactics. The FTC reports that in 2017, the most common way for scammers to contact their victims was by phone.

Additionally, the top three types of scam attempts were:

Additionally, not only can you caller be a scammer, they could also be a telemarketer or perhaps even a stalker.

Knowing who is calling you is sometimes easy as (in some cases) you can just look at your Caller ID to get the necessary caller details. However, if your Caller ID isn’t displaying the owner of the phone number in question, there’s another method that makes it easy to find out who is calling you.

If the information you are looking for is from an unlisted number, it may cost you more to find data about it. In this case, you will have to use a different approach. You basically have two different options; you can either hire a professional, or you can use an online paid reverse phone lookup website.

Hiring a professional detective is usually not a practical option because of the money it takes to actually hire one. However, there are quite a few online Reverse Phone Lookup Detectives that are cheaper than any other options. Once you sign up and pay a small fee, you can access the directory of phone numbers within seconds and find who has been calling you almost immediately. This information is your key to stop such recurring and frustrating phone calls.

However, you will have to be careful when using paid websites. Look for websites that provide you the service with a money back guarantee. Basically, you can try to find out who called me and if the search doesn’t provide you the needed results you can get all your money back.

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  • 563-362-8728
    This is crap!! What a rip off i pay for this you get me to pay for it u tell me verizon phone n then i pay for report and i get an answer of nothing on file!!! What crap!!! Total rip off!! Been trying to figure out this number n im so mad now!! Thanks for absolutely nothing!!
  • 888-883-8445
    Called my mother pretending to be my son who was in jail because he was in a car accident after drinking wine. Even gave her a case number to reference.
  • 248-515-4281
    He called and was yelling, saying that i called him from my phone. Did not happen. Even double checked history to see if the phone was use somehow remotely. Nothing. He kept asking my name......think he was fishing for information.
  • 817-793-8848
    This number is associated with a known hotel scamming ring in the Houston and surrounding areas. Be wary of individuals calling from or to this number. If you are a hotel look out for Direct Bill accounts being scammed by this number and any one with this number.
  • 407-574-6606
    Got a call from this number stating that they are helping sign people up for health insurance. They are asking for social security number and birthday then stating that they will give you a call back once they have researched all insurance plans to see which one is best for you.
  • 818-696-4778
    This number belongs to cash advance USA in Glendale California they are committing fraud I filed a police report with the Cecil County Sheriff's Department they are calling people spoofing calls telling people they have been approved for loans but they want their online banking information and then the day deposit fraudulent checks into people's accounts including myself and they're requesting money and or Google cards or prepaid cards up front in order to get the services and they're leaving nasty messages such as pretending to be from the Attorney General's office the IRS are also threatening that if you don't pay x amount of dollars they will issue a warrant for your arrest I do have police reports and Federal Trade Commission identity theft reports if you need that for your file I would be more than happy to submit that to you it's happened to me twice in a year's time they went in and stole over $3,000 out of my checking account and also my credit card twice I am still dealing wit
  • 619-672-0681
    Got a dropped call from this guy & then my family started getting messages on Facebook from a guy claiming to be Michael Stone. Seems suspect.
  • 732-844-9737
    Este numero es utilizado por una mujer extraña que oculta algo.. Nunca contesta y te hace creer wue es ella mucho cuidado
  • 970-391-2864
    The owner of this number is not in Colorado and not with Sprint. This information is in error and needs to be removed.
  • 262-363-3786
    Multiple calls coming into my cell from this number lately. I don't know anyone from Wisconsin and have no idea why they keep calling. They have not left any voicemail messages which always concerns me. If they call that often, I automatically think it must be important, yet if it is important, why not leave me a message! I looked up the address on google maps and it looks like a residential apartment complex. I tried sending a text message to the number and was advised it was a landline. I will be blocking the number.
  • 843-473-4986
    Pre-recorded but tries to sound as though it's not. "Valerie" claims to be calling about a request you supposedly filled out for cheaper car insurance. Not answering does not good, answering and hanging up does no good, the annoying scumbag scammer just keeps on calling.
  • 877-641-2127
    I received a call from this # yesterday (12/11/18) @1:20pm, Lasted 27 seconds. Caller stated that my social security # had been stolen and that they had identified suspicious activity.
  • 859-209-0884
    I am colby Sultzbach I own phone number 859-209-0884 I was divorced from Elizabeth in September 2017 I have never been charged with cold checks I have never been charged with selling prescription medicines. I am on Facebook instagram LinkedIn match.com tinder.com eharmony.com okcupid.com I only have one phone number and I have lived at 3118 Hamilton valley rd crab orchard Ky 40419 since 2016.
  • 800-789-2310
    They are people trying to steal money from you. They pretend to be companies that they aren't. They are scammers. Example of company they use in NY, Conedison. Don't believe them.
  • 678-559-8739
    Wanted to buy a car from me using Chase QuickPay / Zelle. When asked to pay cash he stopped responding. Beware this person is possibly a SCAMMER!!!
  • 319-521-8785
    Recd a call from this #. Answered the call and silent on the other end. Called the # back and recording said the # is not in service.
  • 415-497-8896
    Mfer keeps spamming me with phone calls. One day I am gonna hunt this bitch down and like... fucking... kill him. If you are a spammer and you are reading this, fuck you.
  • 740-610-0646
    This number is calling my friends saying they are trying to get in touch with me. When I call the number back, it says the caller is unavailable.
  • 562-441-6928
    Mr. Clarence Williams, Blessed Handyman charged me $1400 to paint my house and mixed paint colors then refused to return to make good after he was already paid in full cash. He was in church the 2nd time I tried to contact him about it... So much for Christianity... Warning! Do not use his ill willed services!
  • 918-399-5652
    It seems you have more no info screens than not Unless it's a business you can't find it I'll be canceling
  • 619-350-3885
    This company is Final Expense Group. The contact people on behalf of Final Expense Insurance Agents to determine senior citizens qualification to participate.
  • 314-347-0100
    This is a Merchant Provider that offers credit card processing for business and merchant funding for businesses.
  • 843-662-7719
    This lady calls me very often and keeps either hanging up on my voice mail or claiming she has the wrong phone number. Please do something. I don't want to change my telephone number because of her.
  • 908-884-6855
    I recieved this call claiming that it was about my credit account but this is not a number from the credit card company. Its a total scam. Beware. Ive reported this number to the FTC.
  • 877-263-2410
    Hi. I am in South Africa, awaiting my tickets from Viagogo and cannot make an international call on my cell. I am trying to track the whereabouts of my order 19376458
  • 714-598-6828
    I keep getting weird text messages from this number and I ask who they are and they dont respond. Last message I received from them was " Yes i'll loan you $50k but this is the last time....." I have never asked anyone to borrow any money. Then when i asked "what? who is this?" I got no response.
  • 404-429-8418
    Did not get a txt. They called my husband's phone saying his name was Mike. He started talking about his "daughter" and how he wanted my husband to have sex with her. We had no idea who the guy was. My husband hung up and the guy called back a good few times
  • 775-233-9080
    MasterCard SCAM/FRAUD Also, there's a possibility that this number has been spoofed! BLOCKED and BLACKLISTED
  • 575-218-5228
    All of this is incorrect. this is a bullshit website, and i want my motherfucking moneyback. you crocks of shit lying bastards
  • 617-271-9502
    Avoid! Will attack and try to sexually assault you! Will Dos Santos 19380 Collins Ave Suite 1118 Sunny Isles Beach, FL [email protected]
  • 231-818-8112
    This claims to be the Uncle of a women who has been in contact with our household and says her inheritance is in Nigeria. She asks for ITunes and Amazon cards
  • 210-729-3404
    This is a Nigerian scammer! Claims to gold and jewels in Nigeria as her inheritance but all she wants is ITunes and Amazon cards
  • 231-818-8112
    This number calls and claims to be the uncle of a women who has been calling my household and getting ITunes and Amazon cards. She no longer getting money out of us and then he texts and says how devastated she is, trying to us to feel sorry. Nigerian scammers!!! She has an inheritance of gold and jewels there.
  • 803-291-0760
    This person/company texted a sexual proposition to my 13 year old, MINOR child, and a link to pornographic material. 19 other phone numbers were included in the text, so I assume it was spam.
  • 850-322-6011
    Robocall to link you to health insurance agents. I have received 15 calls in the last week with the same recording, the last 4 digits of the number change but has always been 850-322-xxxx
  • 325-240-0469
    Im not going to pay for this. My niece did this and i am not going to be heald responsible for any bills from your organization. Thank you.
  • 814-933-8921
    Phishing call pretending to be a government agency requesting personal identifying information (PII)
  • 786-507-5383
    I am constantly receiving calls from this number with no answer or message left and no matter what I do this number continues to call
  • 516-647-4138
    I received a call from this number. I am receiving calls to my cell with telephone numbers beginning with 516-647
  • 513-302-9498
    This is a Google Voice or similar alternate voicemail phone number (burner) for the actual cell phone number of 765-343-9027 belonging to Blake Champlin who resides in Harrison, Ohio 45030.
  • 817-495-2871
    Got a call from this number. Distorted background noise when I answered, no human spoke. Sounded like the Cylons were invading or something.
  • 704-254-1323
    I received a text message. The person used my first name, but claimed not to have my number due to getting a new phone. I never answered the text and never received another one.
  • 614-256-0477
    I received a random text message from this # asking me what my boyfriend or husbands name was... prob a scam
  • 510-695-6981
    This number now belongs to my husband Willie J bell birthday is 12/28/1983 can I retrieve his text mesaages or emails?
  • 423-483-6685
    This person is a spammer. They call or txt u saying they can help then when u call them back 2 confirm they say they didn't call or txt u or say any of that